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Glorifying God by Proclaiming Jesus Christ


Welcome to Siam Baptist Church!  We’re thankful and excited that you’re interested in learning more about us. Our hope is that this website will help introduce you to our church community and family. We are a people who seek to glorify God in all that we do by proclaiming Jesus Christ.

If you’re considering a new place to worship or just curious about the Good News of Jesus Christ, we invite you to come and join us as we seek to be a community that desires to glorify God. Join us at any of our gathering times. If you have more questions feel free to contact our office at (423) 542-8789.



Join us for Sunday School 

@ 10:00 am each Sunday!


Sunday Morning Worship and Kid's Worship @ 11:00 am Sunday Evening Worship and Kid's Choir @ 6:oo pm  Wednesday night Prayer and Praise Service  @ 7:00 pm. with our Youth and TeamKid groups meeting.


Dean Smith will be doing an online Bible Study each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. 

We will continue our Livestream on  YouTube, and Facebook.


A Word from Pastor Willie

“Praise God from who all blessings flow” begins the familiar doxology that is                 heartedly sung every November. God does in fact pour blessings down upon us in  multiple ways. Often times we take these blessings for granted. In Deuteronomy 8:11-14 there is a warning given to the children of Israel which is a warning we would do well to heed as well. It is the warning not to forget God. The implication by giving such a warning to not forget God is that there is a real danger of us forgetting him. I want to take this time to thank God for the great and awesome ways he has moved in the life of Siam Baptist    in 2021:

          We have not missed, except one, Sunday in 2021 in gathering together to worship                    God corporately. The pandemic of 2020 taught us one important truth. We must                  not take gathering together in person for granted. Hebrews 10:25 admonishes                    us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together as is the custom of                          some. This becomes especially needful as we see the return of Jesus Christ                      drawing closer.

          We have met and exceeded budget for nine of the ten months of 2021. While this                     may be the standard happening here at Siam Baptist, it has not been my                             experience in other Churches I have pastored. This has happened as well                           coming off of a year of a  pandemic. “To God be the glory!”

          We have had numbers of people join our fellowship over the past ten months. As                      one person has been pointing out to those who are asking, “How is Siam                            Baptist Church doing” to which he replies, “We are having people join and they                    are not just joining but they are getting to work serving the Lord.” “To God be                      the glory!”

          We have had three major community outreach events: An Easter Extravaganza in                     April, Vacation Bible School in June, and Harvest Fest Trunk or Treat Bible                         Adventure in October. Siam folks showed up and worked together in unity and                     purpose to serve the Lord by ministering to our community. New contacts have                   been made and many new faces were seen at each of these events. Siam                           family, please take note that this is what happens when we come together                           rather than allow Satan to sow seeds of discord amongst our fellowship.

          Finally, we have overcome Satan inspired attacks during these ten months.                               Furthermore, we have proven the naysayers (those who sit from the comfort of                   their seats of do nothingness and non-commitment) and  announce that Siam                     Baptist is going to close the door and cease to exist. These same people have                   an agenda like that of Sanballat and Tobiah in Nehemiah to disrupt and                               obstruct the work of the Lord. Well, great things the Lord continues to do and                       praise be unto him, the unity of our fellowship grows stronger and our doors                       remain more open than ever.

P.S. We would love to have the naysayers join us here live at Siam Baptist Church as we the body of Christ serve the Lord together marching forward in 2022 and beyond until Jesus comes again!




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